Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I was very surprised yesterday when I was looking through my google reader and saw that the wonderful Lauralou at had tagged me with a Kreativ Blogger Award!

Part of the deal with this award is that you have to post 7 facts about yourself, and then tag 7 bloggers. I'm really bad about tagging people, so I will probably skip that step, but I am more than happy to share 7 facts about me!

1. Ice cream is one of my most favorite things on the planet. It doesn't matter what flavor (as long as it's not coffee), but one of my all-time favorites is chocolate chip cookie dough - though the store brand oatmeal cookie dough ice cream is a very close second!

2. I spent my elementary school years living in Prague, in the Czech Republic. It was a really incredible experience, and I think it has influenced me in many different ways. I would love to give my children the opportunity to move around when they are younger, even if it's not overseas, because I think the process of making new friends and adjusting to changes really helps in overall development.

3. I have this inexplicable interest in all things zodiac. All of the descriptions of my star sign have always fit very well with my personality, and I love reading my horoscope. I recently found out that you also have a moon sign and a rising sign, and both of mine fit me really well also! It's totally bizarre but really interesting.

4. I really don't like calling people that I don't know. If it's for work I am fine with it, but for personal stuff for some reason I just avoid it. Which is hard when you're planning a wedding from far away... there's several calls I need to make but I keep finding other things to do instead!

5. My dad thinks that the character Bones on TV is a lot like me. I don't pick up on jokes very well, and I take things pretty seriously, but I also have a pretty dry sense of humor. I think the comparison is pretty accurate.

6. I just graduated with a degree in criminal justice, and then realized I can't think of any criminal justice job I would actually want. So I've applied to Teach for America, and hopefully by this time next year I'll be teaching !

7. I have slight OCD when it comes to things being straight. And being divisible by 5. Whenever I sit down at a dinner table, I automatically make sure that all my knives and forks are perfectly straight along the bottom. And I much prefer all numbers in my life to be divisible by five. It's just a weird thing.

There you have it! 7 things about me that you might not know otherwise. I know it wasn't really wedding related, but I have a couple wedding posts lined up so look for those soon!

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