Saturday, September 26, 2009

Differing Allegiances

Given that it is Gameday, I thought this was an appropriate topic! See, Thomas and I both love college football.. but we cheer for different teams in the same conference. ...Oops. And it's never more apparent than on Saturdays, when we have to decide which game to watch. I also feel like we have more than your average allegiance to our teams, since both of us actually played in the marching band for our respective teams. Any guesses as to our teams? I've alluded to several factors that could identify it..

Thomas is an ardent UK Cats supporter..

While I am 100% a UGA fan! (I'm the person on the second row on the right)

Needless to say, this creates an interesting smack talk dynamic. UK is not historically known as a football school, so I usually win those competitions.. But UGA's basketball program leaves a little bit to be desired, whereas UK is usually a basketball powerhouse. And while I have caved and bought a Kentucky shirt - I do live in Lexington, after all, and went to a game in person - he has yet to own any Georgia paraphernalia.

It's also interesting to see how we interact when one person's team wins and the other's loses. That happened the very first weekend of this season, when my beloved 'Dawgs couldn't pull it out against Oklahoma State, and I was pretty upset. Meanwhile, he was happy about the Cats win against Miami (Ohio). The winner has to both console and be celebratory at the same time - which is pretty hard to do! I can only imagine what will happen after we play each other later this season. We have successfully gotten through it before, so hopefully this time is no different. It does help that he cares a litttleee bit less than I do. However, we both respect that we will not alter our support of our alum.

Is there anything you and your FI will not agree on? Do you have any friendly competitions that add a little bit of fun to your relationship?

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