Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If the shoe fits..

Hi, my name is Laura, and I have a shoe problem. As in, I really really like shoes of the high-heeled variety, and I own more pairs than anyone should really have. 

To really prove my point, here's a picture of my heel collection (plus some flats and sandals) from when my shoe rack collapsed and I had to glue it back together - which meant putting all my shoes on the bathroom floor. 

As a result of having all these wonderful shoes, I have developed a bit of a reputation as the girl who always has cute shoes. I don't think this is a bad reputation to have by any means, but I knew I had better have some pretty cute shoes for my wedding.

Even before seeing all the amazing images online of brides with brightly colored shoes, I knew that my shoes would probably not be white. I want to be able to wear these shoes over and over again - and maybe even before the wedding (blasphemy, I know!). Since we had already picked out the colors by the time I was looking at shoes, I knew I was looking for a pair of purple heels. I didn't really have any other qualifications - other than perhaps not too tall, and not a stiletto (hello ceremony on the grass) - so I was just open to whatever came my way. 

One day, I was just browsing around on various shoe websites, not looking for wedding shoes, when I found them! They were the perfect shade of dark purple, had a peep-toe, and the knot on the top added a bit of interest. After price-checking on a couple different shoe websites, I found that they were in fact cheapest at the designers store. So - I bought them! They're actually in the picture above, though I won't be surprised if you can't see them, since the picture color is a little off. 

Pictures, you say? Of course! I took my shoes for a little photoshoot around my apartment. Here they are in all their glory - the Nina Kyleen-LS in grape luster satin. 

Inside, they weren't really looking like the right color, so I went outside for some natural light. 

I love the knot detail on the front.

I'm so excited for the shots of me holding up my dress with the shoes showing! Obviously, finding the right shoes wasn't really a problem for me, since I just happened upon them. I like to think it was wedding fate.

Was finding your shoes a joy or a trial for you? Are you going the colored shoe route or sticking with a more bridal white?

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Jackie said...

i love the purple shoe plan.
theres something about the color purple that says "its all about me", and even though your wedding is all about you AND thomas, it is perfect for giving that "wow-look-at-that-bride" effect.
And its just a gorgeous color.
And the shoes are just a funky flair. and you know how much i love funky flair. :)