Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Real DIY - Ring Bearer Pillow

So we were sitting at home the other day, going over the list of things we have to do in 18(!!) days, and we realized we completely forgot about the ring bearer pillow! Our ring bearer is Thomas’ super-cute nephew, and he needed something equally cute to carry down the aisle. So off we went to Michaels/Hancocks to see what we could whip up. I followed this tutorial here -- kind of. Most of it I just ghetto-rigged until it looked alright!

First up - cutting out and pinning the fabric. Not too hard, because my mom actually did this part.
Then, it was time for the sewing.
I hadn’t really done this before, so it was intense. Make sure you leave a hole at the top so that you can stuff it!
After it’s stuffed to your satisfaction, sew up the hole. By hand.
Then, somehow attach all the ribbon and the buttons and the flower together using the most awkward, contrived stitching possible! Also, make sure you never ever show your face in a picture.
Finally, you have a ring-bearer pillow! (Mine is about 7.25x7.25)

And there’s my first DIY that will be actually used in the wedding!

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